The Ormewood School offers an enriching and nurturing environment in which young children can flourish both developmentally and socially. Critical thinking, creativity, reasoning, and fundamental skills are emphasized throughout the program.

The school uses a play-based curriculum to help children learn about their world, master challenges, and expand their knowledge. Through play, children develop social/emotional and cognitive skills like cooperating, expressing emotions, problem-solving, and grouping and classifying objects. Play also helps children develop language, and gross and fine motor skills.

The curriculum of the school encourages children to learn respect for others and for self through participation in group activities, as well as appreciation for their own unique gifts and talents through self-expressive activities and the arts. In addition, the children learn about different people and places of the world, so they will begin to understand the value of cultures other than their own.

Outdoor Recreation

Children have recess on our playground that was built through the efforts of volunteers from the school, church, and community in May 2014. The playground features universally designed play equipment that is appropriate for children of all ages. Throughout the school year our teachers and children also traverse the neighborhood as part of our nature and community exploration.